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11. Manifestations of erectile dysfunction with adaptogenic antioxidant aphrodisiac plants

Author(s): Raghunath T. Mahajan | Swapnali M. Gajare

Journal: International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Research (IJPBR)
ISSN 0976-0350

Volume: 03;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 52;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: Aphrodisiac | Herbal plants | Erectile dysfunction | Adaptogen | Antioxidant

This paper deals compilation of informative data on Ethnobotanical plants on the basis of phytochemicals indicating their antioxidant, aphrodisiac, adaptogenic properties (3A’s) and establish their correlation in order to correct sexual disability. About 317 phytochemicals are listed for antioxidant potential; 340 plants as aphrodisiac and antioxidants and 40 plants are listed for adaptogenic nature and ultimately 21 plants occupied high rank for 3A’s. Present study focuses on detailing of 21 plants as most potential candidates for 3A’s.This study also reveals that family Araliaceae is the most predominant (15%), followed by Liliaceae (11%), and other 16 families fall within 5-6%, Herbs are more (55%), shrubs and trees contribute 20% and weed 5%. Natural products having adaptogenic property are ginsenosides, paeonol, syringing. The phytochemicals having aphrodisiac activity are arginine, estrone, ginsenoside-rg, harmine, L-DOPA, testosterone, yohimbe. Sexual dysfunctioning arises due to three probable reasons: erectile dysfunction, loss of sexual libido and decrease in sexual desire. The question arises here; do we have a remedy / measure to control, to boost the sexual dysfunction? Answer is, use of either single /or combinations of herbs or herbal technology considering the chemical nature of phytoingradients in them. Therefore, we would like to put the hypothesis that more chances are for herbal drugs than synthetic drugs available in market. The aim and objectives of the present study is to find most potential but yet not recorded a new aphrodisiac natural product with concomitant antioxidant and adaptogenic properties. Thus, this paper reviews the recent informative data on ethnobotanically used aphrodisiac plants having adaptogenic antioxidant potential for the management of erectile dysfunction.

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