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由宏觀鑑定觀點檢視1949-2000年都市建設類國家檔案之主題分類 Subject Categorization for the National Archives in Urban Development (1949-2000)- A Macro-Appraisal View

Author(s): Ko-Chiu Wu | Lih-Yau Song

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 47;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 459;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Archives appraisal | Subject analysis | History study | National Archives

「見證國家發展,創造國家智慧資產」是台灣因重視本土歷史文化,希冀促發社會大眾利用檔案之興趣,從而整理國家檔案之核心理念。本研究以著重呈現社會價值的宏觀鑑定觀點,在配合台灣暨有機關檔案來源及建構檔案資訊檢索系統前提下,以案例分析檢視英國、紐西蘭、中國大陸三個不同國家檔案系統中,有關都市建設類檔案分類架構及檔案主題內涵,並利用台灣重要事件記略與層面索引典概念,整合出台灣1949 - 2000年都市建設類國家檔案主題分類架構。研究結果可供國家檔案徵集、鑑定、移轉及管理機制與檔案資訊系統建構運用。‘To witness national prides and to create intelligence national assets’ is the core concept for application of the National Archive. This research explores the subject indexing frame for the National Archives in urban development through Macro-appraisal view. The subject categorization and the indexing thesauri are integrated to a proposed frame in order to be incorporated with the documentation resources in Taiwan government and set for the information retrieval system of archives. Three different country’s archives systems, Great Britain, New Zealand, and China Mainland are studied and referenced for their index frame of archive and theme contents. The Subject Indexing Frame for the National Archives in Urban Development (1949-2000) is set with the Taiwan historical events and the concepts of facet index thesauri, and is suitable for the national archives collecting, appraisal, transferring, archive management mechanism and further application of the information retrieval system.
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