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電腦與數位3C專業虛擬社群知識分享之影響因素研究 A Study on the Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing of Computer and 3C Virtual Communities

Author(s): Ming-Syun Li | Hsiao-Tieh Pu

Journal: Journal of Educational Media & Library Sciences
ISSN 1013-090X

Volume: 46;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 377;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Organizational rewards | Social capital | Personal motivations | Knowledge sharing | Virtual community

人們在網際網路或虛擬空間進行訊息溝通與資訊分享已相當普遍,也形成許多虛擬社群。這類虛擬社群與實體社群同樣具有知識分享功能,但在分享的動機、結構與層次上相當不同。本研究即以個人動機、社會資本,及組織酬償等三種理論觀點,探討促進虛擬社群成員進行知識分享之因素及特性。研究中以強調知識分享之電腦與數位3C專業型虛擬社群成員為對象,進行電子問卷調查,共回收519份有效問卷。透過因素分析及多元迴歸分析,初步歸納八項促進知識分享因素,其中「長期助人」、「人際凝聚力」、「社群認同」,及「組織酬償」具有正向影響力,尤以「社群認同」影響力最高;而「聲譽」則呈負向影響力,顯示本研究樣本並非為獲取聲名而進行知識分享;「專業知能」、「互動密度」,及「平等性」雖具相關性,但未達統計顯著水準。此外,透過t檢定與單因子變異數分析,研究結果顯示人口背景及社群參與經驗皆對前述知識分享影響因素具有影響力。Besides communicating and sharing information, people on the virtual communities share knowledge as well. However, comparing with the communities in a real world, the motive, structure and level of sharing knowledge are different. From the standpoints of personal motivations, social capital, and organizational rewards, this study examines the factors affecting knowledge-sharing among members in the 3C & computer-related virtual communities. From the factor analysis and multiple regression analysis of 519 questionnaires collected by online survey system, 8 factors are found to be crucial. The “helping others for a long term”, “cohesion of inter-personal relationship”, “commitment to the community”, and “organizational rewards” factors have positive impacts on knowledge-sharing; while “reputation” factor has negative impact; though “professional capability”, “intensity of interaction”, and “equivalence” factors are relevant, they are not statistically significant. From the T test and one-way ANOVA analysis, the results show that demographic attributes and participation experience have impacts on the above factors.

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