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3D Interfacesof Systems

Author(s): Frantisek Hrozek

Journal: Information Sciences and Technologies Bulletin of the ACM Slovakia
ISSN 1338-1237

Volume: 5;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 17;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: 3D interfaces | virtual reality | virtual-reality systems | for- malization

3D interfaces allow easy and intuitive human-computercommunication. These 3D interfaces are most often usedin the virtual reality (VR) and VR systems. This fact wasthe reason for creation of this dissertation thesis whichfocuses on the formal description of the process of VRsystem creation. Thesis is divided into five sections. Thefirst section presents the current state of the VR, 3D in-terfaces and formalization of the creation of the VR sys-tem. The second section deals with the description ofVR system creation using formal methods. For descrip-tion of this creation was used modified waterfall model.Thesis focuses on the second step of this modified model -Analysis. Seven categories were identified for this analysisand each one category creates a logical group of possibil-ities that can be used for the VR system analysis. Thethird section focuses on questionnaires which were cre-ated for the needs of this thesis. Questions in the ques-tionnaire were divided into two groups. The first groupwas focused on students’ actual state of knowledge about3D interfaces and VR technologies. The second groupof questions was focused on students’ suggestions to VRsystems which were created using defined formal descrip-tion. Suggestions were used to modify and improve theseVR systems. The fourth section presents in detail VRsystems that use 3D interfaces and were created using de-fined formal description and modified using suggestionsfrom questionnaires. The last part summarizes the dis-sertation thesis results and its contribution to the scienceand the practice.
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