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电机与拖动基础课程中的三维可视化的辅助教学研究 The 3D Visual Teaching Study in the Course of Electrical Machine and Electrical Drive

Author(s): 李正 | 杨文焕 | 夏鲲 | 李铁栓

Journal: Computer Science and Application
ISSN 2161-8801

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 12;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Maxwell | 电磁场仿真 | 电机与拖动基础 | 有限元分析 | Maxwell | Electromagnetism | Electrical Machine and Electrical Drive | the Finite Element Analysis

计算机仿真技术成为高等教育教学发展的一个重要技术手段,有限元分析软件Maxwell适用于电机的电磁场仿真分析。按电机与拖动基础课程教材中涉及的电机类型建立相应的电磁仿真模型,并将仿真的结果做成动画。电机运动原理就清晰地展现给了学生,这样有利于激发学生的学习兴趣,从而提高了教学质量。教学实践表明Maxwell软件在电机与拖动基础课程中的辅助教学行之有效。The computer simulation technology became an important method in pedagogy development. The finite element analysis software named Maxwell was applicable to the electromagnetism field analysis in electrical engineering. The electromagnetism model was involved in the course of Electrical Machine and Electrical Drive, and the results were made into an animation. The principle of electrical machine was clearly exhibited to the student, and the interest of the students was stirred up, thus the teaching quality was raised. The teaching practice showed the Maxwell software was effective in the electrical engineering education.
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