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Abdominal Ultrasonographic Findings in Patients with Gastric Cancer: Ultrasonic Follow Up

Author(s): A. Adibi

Journal: Iranian Journal of Radiology
ISSN 1735-1065

Volume: 4;
Issue: S1;
Start page: 15;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Background and Objective: To assess the frequency of liver metastasis in follow up ultrasound exams of gas-tric cancer patients and evaluate the ultrasonic ap-pearance of their metastasis in liver and other ab-dominal involvements Materials and Methods: It was a cross- sectional study undertaken from 2001to 2005 on 74 patients referred to sonography department of our hospital with the history of gastric cancer. Abdominal ultrasound was performed for each, evaluating liver – spleen- paraaortic lymph nodes and focal abdominal masses. The study was performed with 3.5- 5 MHZ Probe of Siemens ultrasound equipment (Adara model). Results: In abdominal ultrasound of 74 consecutive known gastric carcinoma patients: 1- Liver mass lesions (considered as liver metastasis) were seen in 29 (39.1%) patients in 4-year follow up. Sonographic presentations of masses were as follow: - Hypo echoic: 11 cases (38% of liver masses) - Hyper echoic: 8 cases (27.5 %) - Mix hyper – hypo: 4 cases (13.8%) - Target or bull's eye: 4 cases (13.8%) - Isoechoic: 2 cases (6.9%) - Multifocal lesions: 21 cases (72.5%) - Solitary lesion: 8 cases (27.5%) The mean size of liver masses was 23mm with mini-mum of 8mm and maximum of 65mm in diameter. 2- Abdominal adenopathy was detected in 13 patients (17.6%) 3- Ascitic fluid was seen in 22 patients (29.7%) Thirty nine percent of gastric cancer patients were shown to have liver metastasis during a 4 years follow up. Sonographic pattern of liver lesions were mostly hypoechoic which differs with some previous reports (mentioned mostly echogenic). Conclusion: Lymph node involvement was the next frequent finding just after liver masses, but in most previous Studies, lymphadenopathy was more fre-quent than liver metastasis.
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