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La acción exterior del Estatuto de Andalucía: Aciertos, desajustes, especificidades ocultas, desarrollos en tiempos de crisis

Author(s): Alejandro del Valle Gálvez

Journal: Revista Electrónica de Estudios Internacionales
ISSN 1697-5197

Issue: 25;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Statute | Andalusia | external action and cooperation to development | collaboration agreements | Morocco | Portugal | Gibraltar | Estatuto | Andalucía | Acción Exterior | Cooperación al Desarrollo | Acuerdos de colaboración | Marruecos

The Andalusian Statute of Autonomy of 2007 contains an important content for the autonomic external action. The paper analyzes the structure and originality of the Andalusian international promotion, as well as deficiencies and imbalances in its articles. Especially, the paper discusses how the Statute has preferred to silence foreign specificities of Andalusia, particularly the ones concerning Morocco, Portugal and Gibraltar. These particularities are therefore implicit in articles, but very present in Andalusian outside practice. It also discusses the later developments in the external practice, highlighting important developments (institutional, financial, priorities) of the autonomic cooperation to development; This is an area which is now emancipated from the external action, like a set of international actions traditionally coordinated by the Regional minister of the Presidency. The analysis ends with a final valuation of the severe impact of the great recession of 2008 in the Andalusian external action, particularly in the field of development cooperation.
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