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Acculturation and Media Use Among Foreign Students

Author(s): Birol Gülnar

Journal: Global Media Journal : Turkish Edition
ISSN 1309-7601

Volume: 2;
Issue: 3;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Foreign students | acculturation | integration | host media | ethnic media

People have contacted to other societies and cultures from ancient times for having better life conditions. Especially these movements increased after the industrial revolution. Rapidly progression area of communication, transportation and economy provides more frequently contact between members of different societies and cultures. People migrate from heritage culture to another society reasons for economy and education. These mobilities increased especially at the end of eighteenth century. Also EU, U.S.A. and different non-governmental organizations have attached very important student exchange programs reasons for developing intercultural communication and world peace. Communication scholars claim that mass communications help to immigrants and sojourners as a source of information about new societie’s rules, norms, language and etc. Mass communication can help as an enstrument that socialization and source of knowledge. This study examined acculturation and media using among Selçuk University foreign students. Data were collected via a survey from a group of foreign students which contained 288 persons. Research indicated that 84.7 % of participants have integration attitude which is one of the acculturation attitudes. Also it revealed that participants use host media more frequently and significantly from ethnic media. Additionally separation attitude and ethnic media using is significantly and positively related.
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