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The Adjustment of the Manufacturing Labors in the Northeastern, Thailand

Author(s): Junlasun Thuninart | Jaruwan Tammawat | Prasopsuk Rittidet | Budsakorn Saenyabud

Journal: Journal of Social Sciences
ISSN 1549-3652

Volume: 5;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 43;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Adjustment of manufacturing | manufacturing labors | Northeastern labors | Thailand

Problem statement: Northeastern labors used to live in the community cultures moved to work at the garment factory. The capitalism and the national economic and social development plan of Thailand were the causes. The policy of this plan was to make Thailand modern and emphasized development of an economic power. The Northeastern labors lacked of the lands for planting and turned to be head over heels in dept. They migrated to be the labors in the industry section for themselves, their families and the rural communities can survive under the capitalism context. The purpose of the article was to study the adjustment of the manufacturing labors in the garment manufacturing in Khon Khaen province located in Northeast of Thailand. Approach: It was a qualitative research. Data collection included interviews and participant observations and document analysis. Research data was classified into groups on study topic and analyzed on the purpose of study by using descriptive analysis. Informants included 60 key informants were the labors, the owned factory and the officer. Results: The result of this research was the adjustment causes of the labors who worked at the garment factory has divided into 3 conflict levels were as follows: (1) practicing, (2) norm and (3) value and ideal. These causes made them by adjusting themselves to economy acculturation for sufficient economy, namely employees stopped working when they earned enough money and the adjustment in duration of work hours was not strict. The Northeastern labors adjusted themselves for stopped working with traditional condition that was called “Heatsipsong”. It was the cultural capital of the Northeastern labors and the adjustment from cultural integration of the labors. The Northeastern labors enjoyed working as collective work and the rule and duty in work were held to a family and kinship structure; however, the rule and duty in the scheduling and assigning of employees was up to a specialization for each person. The employers viewed that the intimate relationship among family and kinship was an obstacle to produce an added value to the economy. For these reasons, the employers adjusted themselves to the labors by depending on the individual specialization. Conclusion/Recommendations: The Northeastern labors who dissatisfy working at the garment factory, they adjusted themselves to amalgamation by stopping to work at the garment factory. They chose instead to sew clothing at home. It was the short adjustment for them in their live.

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