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Advanced Nursing Practice In The 21st Century: Do We Want To Be Right or Do We Want To Win?

Author(s): Harris, Ruth

Journal: Online Journal of Issues in Nursing
ISSN 1091-3734

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Date: 1998;
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Because cost containment is a priority in our rapidly changing American health care system, the prestigious Pew Health Professions Commission (1995) has predicted a greater role for nurse practitioners (NPs) in the delivery of primary care. Factors favoring a broadened scope of NP responsibility for primary care include: (a) the pressing need to contain the nation's ever-escalating health care costs, (b) the present window of opportunity for advanced nursing practice, and (c) the need to use fewer resources more effectively. Because ours is a market-driven health care system with a growing surplus of physicians, NPs increasingly find themselves in direct competition with physcians for the same primary care jobs. Hence, market-driven (rather than identical) pricing of services is necessary if NPs are to compete successfully with medically trained providers of primary care. The brain has two functions: One is to be right and the other is to survive and sometimes we give up the latter. (Old Chinese proverb)

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