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Algılanan Genel Öğrenci Nitelikleri Ölçeğinin Geçerlilik Güvenirlilik Çalışması
Validity And Reliability Study Of Perceived General Student Quality Scale

Author(s): Durdağı AKAN | İsa YILDIRIM | Sinan YALÇIN

Journal: Turkish Studies
ISSN 1308-2140

Volume: 8;
Issue: 8;
Start page: 9;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: student quality | student achıevement | effective school öğrenci niteliği | öğrenci başarısı | etkili okul

The quality of school life in a way determines the quality ofcommunal living. An expected true learning cannot happen if astudent's learning life does not meet real life standarts. The total sum ofthe qualities of students reflect the efficiency of schools they areattending. The education community set the rules and evaluates thesuccess of the schools according to the exam grades while the main goalof the schools should be to help students in all areas of developmentregarding their potentials. The aim of this study is to prepare a basis forfuture studies and contribute to the literature by developing a scalewhich reveals general perception of teachers regarding students of theschool they work for. Likert type scale is used to develop the scale. Thefourty-item scale has been tested on a group of 50 high school teachersfor the pilot study and administered on a group of 300 high schoolteachers during the actual study. The contribution of the scale, whichmeets expectations and is made up of a single dimension, to the totalvariance is 41.791 %. The study has shown that item-total scorecorrelations range between ,387 and ,742 when the significance level isconsidered p
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