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Alienation, language and freedom. A note on Bildung in Hegel's writings

Author(s): Asger Sørensen

Journal: Nordicum-Mediterraneum
ISSN 1670-6242

Volume: 7;
Issue: 2;
Start page: A2;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: Hegel | Bildung | Alienation | Work | Gymnasium

The concept of Bildung occupies a central place in the work of Hegel. In the Phenomenology of Spirit from 1807 it is clear that Bildung has a general meaning, which transcends educational contexts. Soon after the publication of the Phenomenology, however, Hegel became the rector of the humanistic Gymnasium in Nürnberg, and this position he kept until 1816. From this period we have some less well known writings, which explicitly discuss Bildung and relate it to educational use. These texts were written at the hight of his philosophical maturity from, when he was working on The Science of Logic and the Encyclopedia, and they therefore deserve being taken seriously. When all these sources are brought together, however, an idea of Bildung often associated with Hegel, namely that Bildung is the result of productive work, seems to be mistaken. I first give a brief account of the general argument, secondly add some details from the Phenomenology to support the argument, and finally conclude with a few general remarks.
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