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Amorpha fruticosa L. on wet sites in Belgrade

Author(s): Radulović Stojanka | Skočajić Dragana | Bjedov Ivana | Đunisijević-Bojović Danijela

Journal: Glasnik Šumarskog Fakulteta
ISSN 0353-4537

Volume: 2008;
Issue: 97;
Start page: 221;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: Amorpha fruticosa | Carex sp. | invasive species | plant communities | Belgrade

Amorpha fruticosa is in many countries, and also in Serbia, one of the most dangerous invasive species. The detection of mechanisms which inhibit the spreading of Amorpha population would be of great significance for finding the adequate measures of biological control. In this sense, first of all it is necessary, inter alia, to determine Amorpha ecological and coenological characteristics. The vegetation studies of wet sites in Belgrade were compared. The study results indicate that Amorpha is present in forest communities, from the lowest elevations at the timber line to the highest elevations, where the periods of underground and flood waters are the shortest, or where they are absent. Amorpha forms thick brushland on meadows with different water regimes and in forest plantations of different canopy closure. If it is regularly removed by felling, Amorpha does not endanger the structure and the floristic diversity of meadow communities. Amorpha is absent or rare in forest plantations of the densest canopy, as well as in the communities which belong, or once belonged, to the alliance Magnocaricion Br.-Bl.
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