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Analgesic Effects of Various Extracts of Root of Abutilon indicum linn.

Author(s): Naveen Goyal | Sumitra Singh | Surendra Sharma

Journal: Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences
ISSN 0975-7406

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 50;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Abutilon indicum Linn | Analgesic | Malvaceae | Kangi

Abutilon indicum (Linn.) sweet (Malvaceae) commonly called “Country Mallow” is a perennial plant up to 3m inheight. It is abundantly found as weed in sub-Himalayan tract and in hotter parts of India. The plant is traditionallyused for treatment of several diseases like bronchitis, body ache, toothache, jaundice, diabetes, fever, piles,leprosy, ulcers, cystitis, gonorrhea, diarrhoea etc. Abutilon indicum Linn. is reported to have hepatoprotective,hypoglycemic, antimicrobial, male contraceptive and antidiarrhoeal activities. The present study was done toevaluate the analgesic potential of various extracts of root of Abutilon indicum Linn. The powdered root (900 g)was subjected to successive solvent extraction with solvents in increasing order of polarity viz. petroleum ether(60-80 C°), methanol and ethanol by soxhlet apparatus for 72 hrs. The marc was extracted by cold maceration for72 hrs. to obtain water soluble extract. Peripheral analgesic activity was studied using acetic acid induced writhingmethod in Swiss albino mice (20-30 g) while central analgesic activity was evaluated by tail flick method andtail immersion method. Results indicated that all the tested extracts except methanol extract exhibited significantanalgesic activity in both animals’ models. Petroleum ether extract showed higher analgesic activity. The activitymay be related with central mechanism or due to peripheral analgesic mechanisms. Thus the present study authenticatesthe traditional use.
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