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Análisis bibliométrico de los artículos originales publicados en la revista Universitas Scientiarum (1987-2007)

Author(s): Tatiana Alexandra Escorcia-Otálora | Raúl Alberto Poutou-Piñales

Journal: Universitas Scientiarum
ISSN 0122-7483

Volume: 13;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 236;
Date: 2008;
Original page

Keywords: bibliometric analysis | price index | isolation index | Burton and Kebler index | productivity index | collaboration index

Bibliometric analysis of original papers published in the journal Universitas Scientiarum (1987-2007). The bibliometricbehavior of the journal was evaluated and several actions were defined to improve its quality, through the increase of the Price, theBurton-Kebler and the productivity indices. Volumes 1 to 12 comprising original articles (31.37%), thesis abstracts (46.88%), otherdocuments (14.50%), reviews (1.85%), opinion articles (2.36%), brief communications (1.18%), and letters to the editor (0,51%)were considered, totalling 593 manuscripts, 1099 authors and 5202 references. The Collaboration (IC), Productivity (IP), Price (IO),Obsolescence, Isolation (IA) and Self-Citation (SCR) indices were calculated; the percentage, distribution and type of articles, thenumber of authors, the average number of references, and inconsistencies of the bibliography were also evaluated. The IC, IP, IO, IAand SCR were 2.95, 2.27, 13.88, 26.6 and 8.15% respectively; the Burton-Kebler analysis reported an annual aging between 91.47and 95.26% which means an actualization loss between 4.73 and 8.58%. Most of the mentioned references were between 4 and 5years old, although the total range is higher than 50. The IC and the IP do not reflect the reality of the thematic areas. The relation ofthe abstracts of degree works and thesis in relation to original articles and reviews was of 1.49 and 25.27 times respectively. Weconclude that there is a necessity to increase the IO, the h and to control the IA among others, and therefore we propose to control theage of the references and the self-citation as well as the permanent classification of documents by thematic areas, and the eliminationof the abstracts of degree works and thesis or otherwise to maintain a minimum constant number of original articles and reviews perpublished issue.
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