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Analysis of Business Performance in the Case of Mixed Farm

Author(s): KARMEN PAŽEK | Darja Majkovič | Jožef Vinčec

Journal: Research in Applied Economics
ISSN 1948-5433

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2011;
Original page

The economic analysis of business process on the mixed farm in Prekmurje region in Slovenia was performed. For the assessment of farm business analysis specific technologic-economic simulation model with sub-models were developed. The analysis showed that the most economically feasible vegetable product is onion (Financial result,   FR = 2 783.71 € and Coefficient of economics, Ce = 2.24). Among the analyzed field crops is economically the most interesting production of oil pumpkins (FR = 1 920.84 € and Ce = 2.13). The analysis showed that the production of analyzed crops without direct payments is economically unfeasible. Further, linear optimization program for optimization farm production plan was presented too. Considering financial results maximization, production total cost minimization, as well as other resource limitation, in the production plan, the most advantageous combination is one of barley and oilseed rape by the scenario 1. In scenario 2, early cabbage, onion and early potatoes production were suggested. By the scenario 3 barley, red onions, and silver onions is defined. By the last scenario 4 onions and pumpkin oil production is suggested.
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