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农村贫困地区家庭义务教育阶段教育负担研究 An Analysis of the Compulsory Educational Burden of Family in Poor Rural Areas

Author(s): 武向荣

Journal: Advances in Education
ISSN 2160-729X

Volume: 02;
Issue: 02;
Start page: 11;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 农村贫困地区 | 家庭教育负担 | 对策 | Poor Rural Area | Educational Burden of Family | Compulsory Education Policy

基于教育部青年课题“民族地区农村家庭义务教育负担研究”对宁夏两个国家贫困县的入户调查得到,实施免费义务教育政策较大缓解了农村贫困地区家庭教育负担,促进农村家庭进行自愿性教育投入。但是,目前农村贫困地区家庭义务教育阶段负担仍较重,寄宿生家庭的教育负担尤其显重,而国家规定的寄宿生生活补助并没有从根本缓解该类家庭的教育负担。另外,由于当地农村较低教育质量,较多农村家庭“助学进城”,这已成为当前增加家庭教育负担的主要因素之一。因此,国家需要在农村贫困地区进一步加大免费和寄宿生补助力度,同时加快提高农村贫困地区教育质量,从根本上减轻农村贫困地区家庭教育负担。Based on the survey of the Project “On the Family Compulsory Educational Burden in Poor Rural Areas of Minority Region” which was funded by Ministry of Education, the analysis indicates that implement of free compulsory education policy has alleviated the burden of family education in poor rural areas, so some of the rural families begin voluntarily inputting educational expenditure with “spare cash”, which has greatly improved the level of educational investment. However, families in poor rural areas still have heavier burden and the burden of family with boarder students is particularly heavy. The state living allowance provided for boarders did not completely alleviate the burden of family. Currently, “rural family entry city for children’s studying” is becoming the main factor contributed to the burden on family education. Government need extend the free education and strengthen the foundation and fasten improving the rural education quality.
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