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Analysis and Design of Affine and Hill Cipher

Author(s): Mozhgan Mokhtari | Hassan Naraghi

Journal: Journal of Mathematics Research
ISSN 1916-9795

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2012;
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Cryptography is the study of mathematical techniques for all aspects of informationsecurity. Cryptanalysis is the complementary science concerned with the methods todefeat these techniques. Cryptology is the study of cryptography and cryptanalysis. Thesecurity of information encompasses the following aspects:egin{asparaitem}  item confidentiality or privacy,  item data integrity,  item authentication,  item nonrepudiation.end{asparaitem}Each of these aspects of message security can addressed by standard methods in cryptography.Besides exchange of messages, tools from cryptography can be applied to sharingan access key between multiple parties so that no one person can gain access to a vaultby any two of them can. Another role is in the design of electronic forms of cash.In this paper, we study affine and Hill cipher in cryptography.
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