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Analysis and Design of Distributed Pair Programming System

Author(s): Wanfeng Dou | Yifeng Wang | Sen Luo

Journal: Intelligent Information Management
ISSN 2160-5912

Volume: 02;
Issue: 08;
Start page: 487;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Pair Programming | Distributed Pair Programming | Software Engineering | Extreme Programming

Pair Programming (PP) that has gained extensive focus within pedagogical and industrial environments is a programming practice in which two programmers use the same computer to work together on analysis, design, and programming of the same segment of code. Distributed Pair Programming (DPP) system is a programming system to aid two programmers, the driver and the navigator, to finish a common task such as analysis, design and programming on the same software from different locations. This paper first reviews the existing DPP tools and discusses the interaction and coordination mechanism in DPP process. By means of activity theory and language-action theory, some basic requirements of the DPP system are presented. Then, a design framework of such system and functions of each sub-system are deeply analyzed. Finally, a system prototype is implemented by plug-in style in Microsoft Visual Studio environment.
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