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Analysis of Factors Motivating the Managers’ Career

Author(s): Erika Župerkienė | Vytautas Jonas Žilinskas

Journal: Engineering Economics
ISSN 1392-2785

Volume: 2;
Start page: 85;
Date: 2008;
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Keywords: personnel management | career | managers | requirements for managers.

The present article analyzes what factors determinemanagers’ strive for career, making an assumption that apossibility for career has to be provided for the mostinitiative and qualified employees, a possibility which atthe same time would be a motivating factor itself. Onlymotivated employees who have possibilities to realize theirgoals and expectations in organization can successfullystrive for results in organization performance.Analysis of managers’ career expectations is relevantwhen considering today’s condition in Lithuania, for manyqualified employees, possessing both knowledge andworking experience but seeing no perspective in theircurrent job or position, leave their workplaces and searchfor jobs abroad. Such analyses are useful in order to holdqualified professionals in the Lithuanian market,irrespective of the fact if they work in managing positionor not, for if an organization lacks professional managerscapable to recruit a united team, it will lack goodemployees and activities of such an organization will bedoomed to failure.This article analyzes environmental factors determinemanagers’ motivation to seek for a career in Lithuanianorganizations.Continuous changes taking place necessitate a newapproach to the role of managers in an organization, andan assessment of their professional and career relatedexpectations. In order to achieve successes in organizationactivity, involvement of employees and managers in theircareer planning must be evaluated anew, by integratingtheir personal and organizational interests. Growingrequirements for managers suggest paying greaterattention to implementation of their career possibilities inorganization. For only motivated employees, havingpossibilities to implement their goals and expectationwithin the organization can develop activity of thatorganization effectively.Analysis of business enterprises has revealed thatmore than 30 % of surveyed managers are not satisfiedwith their current position. The most common reasons,next to hard work and small salaries, are the following: thejob does not tally with their speciality, there is lack forprofessional improvement, and a job lacks creativity.When inducing managers to pursue career, a veryimportant role is played by possibilities to improve one’squalification. Irrespective of age, one of the obstacles tocareer is insufficient education: 42.79 % of participatits,mainly being managers of medium and lower chains,referred to this reason. Another reason of unwillingnessfor career is the fact that a person is satisfied with thecurrent job or salary: 45.95 % of participatits, most ofthem having greater experience in the enterprise. 53.8% ofthe participants have the possibility to seek career, and itis more desirable for persons giving smaller workingexperience. All the age groups value the careerpossibilities and the reasons thereof in a quite similar way,the intentions to change jobs, however, differ greatly(χ2=38.078, p=0.003: such intentions are more common topersons with small working experience. Reasons of thoseintentions vary as well: managers of small enterprisesmost often named insufficient salary and wearisomeworking conditions, while one of the most relevant reasonsin large enterprises is inadequate ranking of employees.

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