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Analysis of Impact of Culture Shock on Individual Psychology

Author(s): Junzi Xia

Journal: International Journal of Psychological Studies
ISSN 1918-7211

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2009;
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In recent years, international communication has become a common phenomenon because of the trend of globalization. This makes culture shock start to be experienced by more people and causes growing concern. This project takes the negative effects of culture shock into account and pays attention to how to minimize psychological discomfort when entering new cultural patterns. First of all, the main reason and the negative impact of culture shock are given. Next, it describes a number of solutions and evaluates the effectiveness of them. Finally, this paper justifies the preferred choice of solution, and then noticeable points are emphasized. Considering that character and disposition may be various among different people, it is found that in order to attain satisfactory results, choosing appropriate methods and reducing psychological stress to the controllable level are very important. This may be helpful for people who are experiencing culture shock to keep a healthy psychology.
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