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An Analytical Study On Covert Advertising : Product Placement In Indian Cinema

Author(s): Prachi Singh

Journal: International Journal on Research and Development : A Management Review
ISSN 2319-5479

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 77;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Product Placement | Brand | Bollywood

The cinema industry is known as a powerful promotional channel for product, which justifies the theme and purpose of this paper: product placement in Bollywood. Bollywood is defined as a mix between Bombay and Hollywood, hence the title Bollywood. It is the second largest cinema industry in the world after Hollywood, approximately 800 films are produced and distributed each year and are shown to 11,000,000 people every day in 13,000 cinemas across India and therefore it is the biggest cinema industry in the world in terms of box office numbers .This paper is about how effective and successful product placement actually is in Bollywood films. The study aims to discuss factors such as the nature of Bollywood cinema, and how effectively product placement fit’s in within the Indian entertainment industry also it examines its nature and scope and the issues related to it . Media planners and brand marketers are looking for alternative media vehicles to reach at customers with a distinct message so that the memorability of the message and hence the brand name increases. This is a growing trend in Indian films for various reasons.

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