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Anatomizing Quantum Transport in Molecular Junctions with Cyanide and its Isomer as Anchors

Author(s): Rupan Preet Kaur, | Ravinder Singh Sawhney, | Harpinder Kaur,

Journal: International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology
ISSN 2249-8958

Volume: 2;
Issue: 6;
Start page: 96;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Nanoscale | Alligator Clips | HOMO | LUMO | Isomer.

The electrical properties of SAMs on gold surface with different alligator clips at each ends were explored for an anthracene molecule. We probed charge transport characteristics of anthracene with two different anchor groups- Cyanide and its isomer Isocyanide attached to anthracene at each side and sandwiched between two gold electrodes. Through I-V Curves, conductance-voltage curves, differential conductance-voltage curves and transmission spectrum, we found that anthracene-cyanol-isocyanol (ACI) exhibited highest current, conductance and transmissions whereas anthracenedisocyanol (ADC) exhibited least current, conductance and transmissions. This highest conduction of ACI was on account of very strong bonding between gold electrodes and corresponding –CN anchor group whereas lowest conduction of ADC was because of weaker bonding between gold electrodes and –NC anchor group. The conduction exhibited by gold-CN bond and gold-S bond was found to be similar hence concluding that both these bonds (Au-CN and Au-S) have approximately similar strength.
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