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Anatomy of the Melianthaceae (s.l.) of Venezuela

Author(s): Luque Arias, Rebeca | Escalona, Ana | Hernández, Clemente | Estrada Sánchez, Javier C.

Journal: Plantula
ISSN 1316-1547

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: Foliar anatomy | Monocotiledons | Isidrogalvia | Nietneria

An anatomical study with representatives of the Melianthiaceae family at Venezuela was carried out, these are: Isidrogalvia duidae, I. robustior, I. schomburgkiana, I. sessiliflora and Nietneria paniculata. Within the genus Isidrogalvia, I. duidae and I. schomburgkiana grow in the Venezuelan Guayana whereas I. sessiliflora and I. robustior grow in the paramos of the Sierra de Mérida; in the last ones also the radicular and the floral stem anatomy at three different altitudes was studied with the objective of determine the presence of characters that indicate adaptation to the altitude variations; an multivariant analysis using anatomical and morphological characters was made. The leaf of the studied species show common characters and also differential characters at generic level as much as at specific level; nevertheless, the andean species do not have foliar anatomical characters that allow their differentiation or have relation to the altitude to which the plants grows, the same situation occurs with the root anatomy, whatever the anatomical characteristics of floral escape show light variations related to the altitude.

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