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Ann Banfield, Lo sviluppo storico dello stile narrativo Ann Banfiled, The historical development of narrative style

Author(s): Sara Sullam

Journal: Enthymema
ISSN 2037-2426

Issue: 1;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Romanzo | modernità | oralità/scrittura | stile indiretto libero | rappresentazione

Il capitolo tratto da Unspeakable Sentences (1982) presenta un'ipotesi circa la nascita e lo sviluppo dello stile narrativo e in particolare dello stile indiretto libero. In opposizione alle teorie che ritengono che quest'ultimo si sia diffuso per imitazione, Banfield – lavorando all'interno del paradigma generativista – propone una teoria per cui esso sarebbe una pos- sibilità innata del linguaggio, che si realizza per la prima volta, e già nella sua forma compiuta, con la nascita del genere romanzo.The paper briefly summarizes the proposal made in 1965 that "Poetic Competence" is the basis for creating and evaluating poetry. That this competence lives on, but is different from linguistic competence is exemplified by a close look at the segmental and supra-segmental, morpho-syntactic, lexical, and conceptual structure of Hölderlin's poem An Zimmern, revealing a surprisingly complex and balanced structure of the apparently simple four lines. The second part of the paper discusses the question whether judgments about poetry are to be studied as based on the relation between specific properties of poems and persons. Finally the problem is raised, whether literary art is based on a specific Poetic Competence, or instantiates a general aesthetic ability applied to linguistic objects. This is construed as a speculative, but still empirical question.
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