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ANODR-ECC Key Management protocol with TELNET to secure Application and Network layer for Mobile Adhoc Networks

Author(s): G.Padmavathi | P.Subashini | D.Devi Aruna

Journal: International Journal of Distributed and Parallel Systems
ISSN 2229-3957

Volume: 3;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 331;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: MANET | Telnet | ANODR-ECC | Evesdropping a ttack.

A mobile ad hoc network (MANETs) is a self-organizing network that consists of mobile nodes that are connected through wireless media. A number of unique features, such as lack of infrastructural or central administrative supports, dynamic network topologies, open communication channels, and limited device capabilities and bandwidths, have made secure, reliable and efficient routing operations in MANET a challenging task. The ultimate goal of the security solutions for MANET is to provide security services, such as authentication, confidentiality, integrity, anonymity, and availability to mobile users. To achieve the goals, the security solution need for entire protocol stack. . The proposed protocol ANODRECC with Telnet provide application layer security and it ensures route anonymity and location privacy and is robust against eavesdropping attack.For route anonymity, it prevents strong adversaries from tracing a packet flow back to its source or destination; for location privacy, it ensures that adversaries cannot discover the real identities of local transmitters. The simulation is done using network simulator qualnet 5.0 for different number of mobile nodes. The proposed model has exposed improved results in terms of Average throughput, Average end to end delay, Average packet delivery ratio and Average jitter.

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