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Antimicrobial screening of various extracts of Aphanmixis polystachya stems bark

Author(s): Reetesh Yadav | Nagendra S. Chauhan | Amit S Chouhan | V K Soni | Lavakesh Omray

Journal: International Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Sciences
ISSN 0976-1055

Volume: 1;
Issue: 2;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Aphanmixis polystachya | Melieceae | Antimicrobial | Kanamycin.

The dried stem bark of Aphanmixis polystachya (Melieceae) was extracted with alcoholic, hydroalcoholic and aqueous solvent for 36 hours in soxhlet apparatus and solvents from extracts was evaporated under vacuum. All three extracts were further fractionized in to the petroleum ether, ethyl acetate and n-butanol fractions and studied for in vitro antimicrobial activity by Agar cup method using different bacterial strains in nutrient agar media. For screening of antimicrobial activity, these extracts of dried stem bark of Aphanmixis polystachya was used at the dose of 500 mcg/cup against the kanamycin, which was used as standard antimicrobial agent at the dose of 30mcg/cup. The zone of inhibitions indicates that the extracts of dried stem bark of Aphanmixis polystachya showed significant antimicrobial activity as comparison to kanamycin.Keywords: Aphanmixis polystachya, Melieceae, Antimicrobial, Kanamycin.
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