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Anxiolytic activity of Glycosmis cochinchinensis root in mice

Author(s): V. Sravanthi1, S. Prashanth 1*, A. Anil Kumar2, V. Ramakrishna1, P. Govardhan1, J. Vidya Sagar1

Journal: Journal of Pharmacy Research
ISSN 0974-6943

Volume: 4;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 3113;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Elevated plus-maze paradigm | Glycosmis cochinchinensis | Diazepam

The present work is aimed to investigate the effect of different root extracts of Glycosmis cochinchinensis in mice. Elevated plus-maze paradigm, light/darkparadigm, locomotor activity and rota-rod test (muscle co-ordination) were used to assess the Anxiolytic activity of the aqueous, ethanolic and acetonic extracts(50, 100 and 200mg/kg) of Glycosmis cochinchinensis and diazepam (2mg/kg) were administered 30 min before the tests. The results showed that all extracts ofthe plant significantly increased the exploration of the open arm in similar way to that of diazepam in elevated plus-maze paradigm. In the light/dark paradigm,the extracts produced significant increase in the time spent in the lighted box as compared to vehicle. The spontaneous locomotor activity count (measured usingactophotometer), and the muscle co-ordination activities were significantly decreased in animals indicate a remarkable sedative effect and skeletal muscle relaxantof the plant. The results of the present investigation suggest that root extract of Glycosmis cochinchinensis possess an Anxiolytic effect.

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