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层次分析法在图书馆绩效考核中的应用 The Application of AHP in the Library Performance Evaluation

Author(s): 顾海明 | 郭蒙蒙

Journal: Operations Research and Fuzziology
ISSN 2163-1476

Volume: 01;
Issue: 01;
Start page: 22;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: 层次分析法 | 绩效考核 | 图书馆 | AHP | Performance evaluation | Library

当代图书馆的管理水平主要体现在图书馆人力资源的绩效考核问题上,一个科学合理的绩效考核方法可以促进图书馆的进步和发展。传统的绩效考核方法过于主观片面,无法达到客观公正的要求,引发许多不必要的问题。本文基于层次分析法建立了图书馆绩效考核评价体系,运用数学建模的方法量化考核指标和考核结果,以清晰明确的数字代替模棱两可的语言评价,克服了传统考核中的缺陷,并配以实例进行分析,全面的比较每位职员的各个方面的特长和缺陷,使考核不仅能对过去工作做出公正合理的总结判定,也能为以后的工作发展提供全面的参照和指导,力求为图书馆绩效考核提供一个科学、公正、合理的方法。Nowadays, the performance evaluation of human resources in libraries has manifested the contemporary library management level. A scientific and reasonable evaluation method can prompt the progress and development of library. However, the traditional method is too subjective and can not reach the fair or objective requirements. It results in lots of unnecessary problems. Based on AHP, this paper builds the evalu-ation system of evaluation which uses mathematics model to quantify the target and result of evaluation. It applies clear numbers instead of vague language evaluation. It overcomes the drawbacks of traditional me-thod and matches examples to analyze. It can compare the advantages and disadvantages of each member in every aspect in the whole. So it not only makes fair and reasonable summary and judge of evaluation about the past work, but also provides overall consult and guidance for the future development. It makes great effort to offer a scientific, fair and reasonable method for performance evaluation.
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