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The Application of Analytical Technique of Gas Chromatography and Geochemical Pyrolysis in Low Permeability Oilfields

Author(s): Yining Wang | Wenbo Liu | Shaobo Zhang | Man Teng

Journal: Journal of Geography and Geology
ISSN 1916-9779

Volume: 4;
Issue: 1;
Date: 2012;
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The reservoir of low permeability oilfields is thin and its physical property is poor. The oil-water relationship is complex. It is very difficult to classify oil, gas and water layer and the coincidence rate of interpretation is very low. It can no longer meet the needs of reservoir development only dependent on logging data. Through sidewall coring logging in uncertain layers in the area with complex oil-water relationship and statistic analysis on interpretation results based on geochemical pyrolysis and gas chromatography analysis, the authors think the technique can effectively improve the coincidence rate of oil, gas and water interpretation in uncertain layers in low permeability oilfields, realize fine evaluation of reservoirs, help us formulate reasonable drilling solution and enhance the development benefit of oilfields.

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