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Application of Levenberg-Marquardt Optimization Algorithm Based Multilayer Neural Networks for Hydrological Time Series Modeling

Author(s): Umut Okkan

Journal: International Journal of Optimization and Control : Theories & Applications
ISSN 2146-0957

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 53;
Date: 2011;
Original page

Keywords: Levenberg-Marquardt optimization algorithm | Artificial neural networks | Hydrological time series modeling

Recently, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), which is mathematical modelingtools inspired by the properties of the biological neural system, has been typically used inthe studies of hydrological time series modeling. These modeling studies generally includethe standart feed forward backpropagation (FFBP) algorithms such as gradient-descent,gradient-descent with momentum rate and, conjugate gradient etc. As the standart FFBPalgorithms have some disadvantages relating to the time requirement and slowconvergency in training, Newton and Levenberg-Marquardt algorithms, which arealternative approaches to standart FFBP algorithms, were improved and also used in theapplications. In this study, an application of Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm based ANN(LM-ANN) for the modeling of monthly inflows of Demirkopru Dam, which is located inthe Gediz basin, was presented. The LM-ANN results were also compared with gradientdescentwith momentum rate algorithm based FFBP model (GDM-ANN). When thestatistics of the long-term and also seasonal-term outputs are compared, it can be seen thatthe LM-ANN model that has been developed, is more sensitive for prediction of theinflows. In addition, LM-ANN approach can be used for modeling of other hydrologicalcomponents in terms of a rapid assessment and its robustness.
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