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Applications of Computational Verbs to Feeling Retrieval from Texts

Author(s): Tao Yang

Journal: International Journal of Computational Cognition
ISSN 1542-8060

Volume: 4;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 28;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: Computational verb | computational noun | physical linguistics | meaning | feeling | fuzzy logic | stock market | feeling | natural language

As predicted by the Theory of the Unicogse, anylogic systems are merely media of TRUTH. Therefore, the computationwithin a logic systems can neither generate TRUTH nor destroyTRUTH. The state-of-the-art mainstream natural languageunderstanding methodologies tried their best to “understand”natural languages within a single logic system. The intrinsicignorance of the origin of TRUTH makes these methodologiesfunction more or less like a self-referenced dictionary. Thesemethodologies, no matter how hard they will try, will fail toachieve their goals; namely, to get the “meanings” out of texts.In this paper, I will apply the physical linguistic methodologyto the natural language understanding issues. Instead of usinga single logic system to processing natural languages, I will usetwo logic systems. The first logic system are natural languagesthemselves and the second one is the Boolean logic. So far,except for human brains, we have no hardware platform to makenatural languages computable within their own logic systems. Toovercome this problem, instead of asking a human being to sitthere to translate natural languages into Boolean logic expressions,I will propose a framework of using physical linguistics totranslate natural language into Boolean logic expressions. Sincephysical linguistics is one medium for TRUTH, there will bereflections and refractions of TRUTH at the interfaces of (naturallanguage v.s. physical linguistics) and (physical linguistics v.s.Boolean logic). However, since the cognitive quantum of Booleanlogic is the biggest in all known logic systems, the TRUTHloss at the interface of (natural language v.s. Boolean logic)is bigger than the TRUTH loss at the interfaces of (naturallanguage v.s. physical linguistics) and (physical linguistics v.s.Boolean logic). Examples of retrieving “feelings” from Englishsentences of different complexities are presented to show howthe proposed method work.

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Tango Rapperswil

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