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An Argumentation-Based Negotiation Approach in Electronic Marketplace based on Semantic Web

Author(s): Said Bachir | Kazar Okba | Benharkat Aicha-Nabila

Journal: Journal of Artificial Intelligence
ISSN 1994-5450

Volume: 4;
Issue: 3;
Start page: 170;
Date: 2011;
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Keywords: Toulmin`s argument model | persuasion | force field analysis | Multi-agent system | E-commerce | semantic web | argumentation-based negotiation

The argumentation-based negotiation is studied in several research works, the majority of them propose general models. The modeling of argumentation-based negotiation mechanism for a domain, such as e-commerce takes into account its specificity with regard to the nature of exchanged information. This study aimed to propose a new approach of argumentation-based negotiation in e-commerce which synthesize and improve the general approaches of argumentation. The model of argument is studied, for the use of its elements and structure. The force field analysis technique is improved to represent the various forces which conduct decisions taken during a dialog of negotiation. Semantic Web technologies are employed for the representation of the arguments, forces conducting agents' decisions, as well as the protocol of negotiation. Semantic web technologies are also employed in the representation of all knowledge which relates to marketplace and its elements (products, buyer and sellers). This study is supported by an agent based modeling of an electronic marketplace, in which a set of agents is developed and a set of ontology is created. Laptops are taken as a case of study of sold products. In addition, an argument interchange mechanism is implemented to transfer the arguments represented by OWL-DL sub-language into the content of FIPA-ACL messages. This modeling forms part to a work of development for the validation of the proposed approach.
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