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To arrange the window - the creation of an integrated local view on information diversity / Das Fenster zur Information gestalten - die Schaffung einer integrierten lokalen Sicht auf die Vielfalt von Informationsressourcen

Author(s): Nunnenmacher, Lothar

Journal: GMS Medizin - Bibliothek - Information
ISSN 1865-066X

Volume: 6;
Issue: 3;
Start page: Doc30;
Date: 2007;
Original page

Keywords: Information retrieval | Information integration Information architecture

The way our patrons search and use information resources has already changed substantially, but the shift to new technologies is not yet completed. Currently new information is mostly coming via "the screen", at least in the STM disciplines (science, technology, medicine). The challenge for libraries nowadays is, to arrange the window towards the bulk of available information according to the needs of different users. Several measures of integration are needed to achieve this aim: * Instead of supplying the information physically, we now have to provide quick access to different information systems, as far as possible integrated, and to enhance these systems with local enrichments (e.g. availability, local views or filters). * Beyond journal articles and books we have to integrate other media like photos, videos, or even scientific data. Moreover, the scientific and scholarly information is going to change the media format from paper to electronics, which we should take into consideration in our efforts. * We have to appreciate that library services are just a small contribution to the whole environment of learning, teaching or research at university. People should be served according to their needs with all resources in an integrated way instead of splitting them up into small partitions based on organisational units.To arrange the window means to integrate the necessary resources in a way that as much information as possible is included, but guidance and filtering tools avoid information overload. Based on a model to group information hierarchically a draft for an integrated “Search Centre” is presented.
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