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Assessing Biodegradation Susceptibilities of Selected Petroleum Hydrocarbons at Contaminated Soils

Author(s): Markus Heryanto Langsa

Journal: Jurnal Tanah Tropika
ISSN 0852-257X

Volume: 15;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 39;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Biodegradation | contaminated soils | polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) saturated hydrocarbons (SHCs)

The susceptibility to biodegradation of selected saturated hydrocarbons (SHCs), polycyclic aromatichydrocarbons (PAHs) and asphaltenes in a Barrow crude oil and extracts isolated from soils contaminated with theBarrow crude oil at day 0 and 39 was determined. Soil samples were contaminated with a Barrow crude oil across thesurface (5% w/w) as part of a mesocosm experiment in order to mimic similar conditions in the environment. Theextent of biodegradation of the Barrow oil extracted from the contaminated soils at day 0 and day 39 was assessed byGC-MS analyses of SHCs and PAHs fractions. Changes in the relative abundances of n-alkanes (loss of low-molecularweighthydrocarbons) and pristane relative to phytane (Pr/Ph) and their diastereoisomers were determined. Changesin the diastereoisomer ratios of Pr and Ph relate to the decrease in abundance of the phytol-derived 6(R),10(S)isoprenoids with increasing biodegradation. The percentage change in abundances of each of selectedalkylnaphathalenes with time (day 0 to 39) was determined, enabling an order of susceptibility of their isomers tobiodegradation. It was established that the 2-methylnaphthalene isomers (2-MN) is more susceptible to microbialattack than 1-MN isomer indicated by decreasing in percent abundance from day 0 to 39 for the 2-MN isomer. TheGC-MS analyses of the original Barrow oil indicated the oil had not undergone biodegradation. When this oil wasused in the soil mesocosm experiments the oil was shown to biodegrade to about a level 2 -3 based on the biodegradationsusceptibility of the various SHCs and PAHs described above
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