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致密砂岩构造裂缝的评价标准及应用—以库车坳陷东部致密砂岩为例 The Assessment Criterion and Application of Structural Fracturesin Tight Sandstone in the Eastern Kuche Basin

Author(s): 杨海军 | 侯贵廷 | 肖中尧 | 黄少英 | 任康绪 | 鞠玮 | 张鹏 | 赵文韬 | 詹彦

Journal: Advances in Geosciences
ISSN 2163-3967

Volume: 02;
Issue: 03;
Start page: 117;
Date: 2012;
Original page

Keywords: 致密砂岩 | 构造裂缝 | 库车坳陷 | 面密度 | 评价 | Tight Sandstone | Structural Fractures | Kuche Basin | Fracture Density | Assessment

近些年来,致密砂岩气和致密砂岩油成为国内外非常规油气勘探的热点,其中致密砂岩的裂缝发育程度评价是关键问题。本文从塔里木盆地北部的库车坳陷东部中下侏罗统致密砂岩岩心的构造裂缝测量入手,结合12口井的测井资料统计分析,通过致密砂岩岩心的构造裂缝面密度统计分析,提出了针对致密砂岩的构造裂缝评价标准,并利用这个评价标准对研究区致密砂岩构造裂缝发育程度进行了系统评价。认为阿合组的致密砂岩构造裂缝比阳霞组和克孜勒努尔组的更发育,依南地区致密砂岩的构造裂缝相对比其他地区更发育,尤其依南2井区的构造裂缝面密度较高,且绝大多数未充填,而依南5井区的构造裂缝面密度很低,且大多数被充填成为无效裂缝。 The tight gas and tight oil are recently paid more attention in the unconventional petroleum exploration, in which the assessment of structural fractures is key problem. The assessment criterion of structural fractures in tight sandstones is proposed based on the logging analysis and measurement of cores in 12 wells, and the criterion is applied in the assessment of tight sandstones. The structural fractures in tight sandstone are more developed in the Ahe Formation than the Yangxia and Kezilenuer Formations. The structural fractures in tight sandstone in Yinan area are more developed than the other area. The fracture density is highest in Yinan 2 well, and not filled, but the fracture density is lower in Yinan 5 well, and most of them are filled.
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