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Assessment of Legislative Function within Turkish Democracy = Türk Demokrasisinde Yasama Fonksiyonunun Değerlendirmesi

Author(s): Asena BOZTAŞ

Journal: Dogus University Journal
ISSN 1302-6739

Volume: 14;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 45;
Date: 2013;
Original page

Keywords: Turkish Democracy | Legislative Function | Charter of Alliance | Constitutional Monarchy I | Constitutional Monarchy II | Constitutions | Türk Demokrasisi | Yasama Fonksiyonu | Sened-i İttifak | I. Anayasal Monarşi | II. Anayasal Monarşi | Anayasalar

It is widely accepted that the written constitution period has begun with Constitutional Monarchy I. Basically, the constitution of 1876 is not the first constitutional document in Turkish history. It can be said that the Charter of Alliance is the first document of Ottoman Empire. In this article, we will analyze the legislative function of Turkey starting from the legislative documents of Ottoman Empire which constitute the base of current legal structure such as the Charter of Alliance (1808), Constitutional Monarchy I. (1876), Constitutional Monarchy II. (1908), the Constitution of 1921 (some argue that it is not a legal constitution), and then the legislative documents of Modern Turkey such as the Constitutions of 1924, 1961 and 1982. The focus of the article will be the formations of the constitutions and compatible and incompatible developments with democracy. The article will address the effects of international political system and internal developments within Turkish political system on the Turkish legislative structure considering the conditions of that time.

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