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Assessment of mutagenic potential of the Carapa guianensis Aublet seed oil extract in the Ames test for plate incorporation method

Author(s): Jessica Narciandi Lorenzo | Luis Alfredo Rosario Fernández | Dayisell Lazara Curveco Sánchez | Alexis Vidal Novoa | Daniel Francisco Arencibia Arrebola

Journal: RETEL : Revista de Toxicología en Línea
ISSN 1668-091X

Volume: 40;
Start page: 45;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: Ames test | oil extract | Carapa guianensis | mutagenesis

The seed oil extract of Carapa Guianensis has been various biomedical uses. Recently this extract was evaluated manifesting great potentialities like antioxidant in in vivo assays. But not much is acquainted of its effect on DNA. The goal of this research was evaluated the mutagenic potential of the seed oily extract of Carapa Guianensis Aublet by means of Ames test for direct incorporation in plates. TA1535, TA 98 and TA 100 strains of Salmonella typhimurium were used. The assay was performed with and without addition of the microsomal hepatic fraction (S9). Two mutagens were used as positive controls, one of them direct: the sodium azide (AzNa), and the other one indirect: the 2 acetyl amine fluorene (2 AAF). Concentrations of 5, 50, 500, 2 000 and 5 000 μg/plate of the extract were used. The Tween 65 vehicle (0.2%) was used as negative control. Results showed that the oil extract of Carapa Guianensis did not increase significantly the frequency of reversion in relation to the negative control for both variants of the Ames test, with and without metabolic activation, in the strains used. However, the positive controls AzNa and 2 AAF significantly increased the frequency of revertants compared with the negative control. In conclusion, the seed oil extract of Carapa Guianensis Aublet evaluated through Ames test by direct incorporation in plates did not increase of mutations in TA 98, TA 100 and TA 1535 strains.
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