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Assessment of physical and solubility & disintegration properties of zinc cements used for operative dentistry and the comparison with the standard

Author(s):  Tavakoli MB. | Tabarak R. |  Zargar A.

Journal: Journal of Dental Medicine
ISSN 1024-641X

Volume: 17;
Issue: 4;
Start page: 68;
Date: 2005;
Original page

Keywords: Zinc oxide-eugenol | Zinc phosphate | Zinc polycarboxylate cement | Solubility disintegration

Statement of Problem: Zinc contained cements are so important among dental material as they have many"nindications and used in different ways therefore evaluation of their physical properties is so important in"ndentistry."nPurpose: The purpose of this research was to measure some physical properties of zinc-contained cements"nused in restorative dentistry. These cements included: Zinc oxide-eugenol, Zinc phosphate and Zinc"npolycarboxylate. Physical properties measured in this research were compressive strength, and setting time"nalso Solubility & Disintegration were evaluated."nMaterials and Methods: To perform this research two packs of each cement type were provided from an"nIranian company products as prototypes and German HARVARD Dental GmbH company products as proof"nsamples. For compressive strength 11 samples provided from any type of cement. For setting time test, 16"nsamples provided from Zinc oxide-eugenol and 11 samples from two other types. For solubility &"ndisintegration beet, 11 samples provided only from Zinc oxide-eugenol cement. The results compared with"nstandard."nResults: The results of Iranian product showed that compressive strength of Zinc oxide-eugenol- is I2.58±3"nMPa, of Zinc phosphate cement is 37.2I±5.0 MPa and of Zinc polycarboxylate cement is 35.86±2.1 MPa."nSetting time of Zinc oxide-eugenol cement is 2 9.04 ±0.7 1 min, of Zinc phosphate cement is 5.41 ±0.55 min"nand of Zinc polycarboxylate cement is 2.5±0.6 min. Solubility & disintegration of Zinc oxide-eugenol cement"nis 8.44±i.l%. None of these findings are in standard limit."nConclusion: By the use of standard charts it is concluded that: Only compressive strength of Zinc oxide-eugenol cement is between standard limits and compressive strengths of two other types of the cements are less than standard limits. Also only setting time -of Zincoxide eugenol cement is in standard limit and setting times of two other types of the cements aren't in standard limit. The German samples results were in standard limit. Solubility & disintegration-of Zinc-oxide eugenol cement isn't in standard limit. Therefore it is concluded that all types of these cements are not standard for use.
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