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Associative impact of bio- and organic fertilizers on geranium plants grown under saline conditions

Author(s): S. Leithy | Maybelle Saad Gaballah | A.M.Gomaa

Journal: International Journal of Academic Research
ISSN 2075-4124

Volume: 1;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 17;
Date: 2009;
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Keywords: Geranium | saline conditions | biofertilizers | organic fertilizers

Salinization plays a major role in soil degradation. Every year more and more land becomes non productive owing to salt accumulation. So it seems valuable, to test medicinal plant for their salt tolerance capacity. In the present investigation, experiments were conducted to study the effect of saline water in addition to bio and organic fertilization treatment on geranium plant growth, mineral and chemical constituents. Salinity affected most of the morphological parameters and decreased the growth performance. The use of peanut compost slightly increased plant fresh and dry weights. Although the use of compost full dose at 3000 ppm salinity level led to an increase in plant height and number of branches in the second cut. For the chemical constituents, the biofertilizer and compost application under saline conditions did not show any positive change in N, P, K contents except for Na% where it reached 1.919 when using (half dose of compost + Bio) at 3000 ppm and reached 1.97 when using (full dose of peanut compost + Bio) at 6000 ppm compared to their control. The oil percentage decreased at high salinity level of 6000 ppm but at 3000 ppm the oil percentage reached 0.4 when treated with (HD+Bio) and 0.6% when plants were supplied with full dose of peanut compost compared to the control. The major essential oil constituents were Geraniol and Citronellol. The highest level of oxidized compounds was attained by the untreated plants (control) and the plants supplied with half dose of compost.
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