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Asurvey to the infection control in beauty salons in Shiraz

Author(s): B. Honarvar

Journal: Iran Occupational Health
ISSN 1735-5133

Volume: 6;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 61;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Knowledge | practice | beauty salon | hairdresser | HIV | HBV | HCV | Infection control | Shiraz | Iran

Background and aimsAIDS as a re-emergent disease and Viral hepatitis (B and C) as one of the five Top Infective causes of premature death ,confront the world to many economic and  psychosocial consequences. Beauty salons and hairdressers if doný't practice properly to Infection control techniques may help to HIV,HBV and HCV transmission as revealed by many studies.MethodsThis study Aimed to assess the knowledge and performance of beauty salons regarding to HIV,HBV , HCV and infection control before and after training. By this cross sectional study that was conducted from August 2008 to May 2009 ,125 beauty salons of Shiraz -Iran selected by cluster randomized sampling Among 625 salons .One person of each salon interviewed by filling Valid and Reliable Questionnaire before and 2-3 months after training them about above Items.ResultsAll interviewed persons were female by mean age 38 ±11 years.89( 72%) had education higher than intermediate school .Their mean of occupation period was13 ± 9 years . Mean score knowledge about HIV,HBVand HCVtransmission was 30.81± 4.6 and 38.7 ± 2.06 ( of total 41) before and after education respectively and knowledge toward Infection control changed from 9.77 ± 3.36 before to 12.73 ± 0.42 ( of total 13) after training. Practice to Infection control changed to 12.35 ± 0.78 (of total 13) after education in comparison with 9.82 ± 2.15 before that.Continuous education and training of all hairdressers and employers and employees of beauty salons regarding HIV,HBV,HCV and Infection control is necessary and should be monitored regularly Conclusion

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