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Atención y reparación psicosocial en contextos de violencia sociopolítica: una mirada reflexiva.

Author(s): Liz Arévalo Naranjo.

Journal: Revista de Estudios Sociales
ISSN 0123-885X

Issue: 36;
Start page: 29;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Keywords: Psychosocial Intervention | Systemic Social-Constructionist Perspective | Impacts of Sociopolitical Violence | Reparation | Revictimization.

This article reflects on the results of a specific experience in psychosocial evaluation of victims of sociopolitical violence in Colombia in two cases covered by the Inter-American Court for Human Rights – CIDH – in Colombia. Based on the analysis of the results obtained in the evaluations we present various hypotheses built from a systemic and constructionist point of view, which can be extended to the rest of the victim population, taking into account that the effects of the violent events and the continuous revictimization scenarios to which they are subjected are quite similar despite the deep differences in the development of the conflict at a local level. Also, the article presents a relational analysis of the effects that the Justice and Peace law has generated considering several aspects which, when interrelated, come to question their contribution to the psychosocial recovery process in the victims of sociopolitical violence in Colombia. Finally we present some elements aimed at the consolidation of proposals which articulate psychosocial elements to the reparation processes which currently take place in the country.

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