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Atividade física e qualidade de vida em pacientes com doença renal crônica submetidos à hemodiálise

Author(s): Luiz Antonio Rodrigues Medina | Franciele Marques Vanderlei | Luiz Carlos Marques Vanderlei | Daniele Braz Torres | Susimary Aparecida Trevizan Padulla | Carlos Eduardo Assumpu00E7u00E3o de Freitas | Carlos Roberto Padovani | Luis Roberto Almeida Gabriel Filho | Gustavo Navarro Betu00F4nico | Francis da Silva Lopes

Journal: ConScientiae Saúde
ISSN 1677-1028

Volume: 9;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 212;
Date: 2010;
Original page

Objective: To analyze and correlate the physical activity level (PAL) and the quality of life (QL) in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) undergone hemodialyses and to verify in practitioner of physical activity (PPA) if they follow rules and recommendations on their own practice. Methods: The QL (KDQOL-SFTM questionnaire), PAL (IPAQ questionnaire) and the evaluation of rules and recomendations to practice PA were analyzed in one hundred patients. Results: It was observed commitment on different dimensions of QL, higher values to sexual function and social support (88,6) and lower ones to professional paper (25,2) and physical function (47,7). Most patients shows low values of PAL and most PPA implement the exercises incorrectly. It was observed differences between PAL and some areas of QL. Conclusion: Patients with CKD undergone hemodialysis presented low values to PAL, commitment on QL, and most of the patients that realized PA did not implement rules and recomendations on their own practice.
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