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Attack Detection in Watermarked Images with PSNR and RGB Intensity

Author(s): Neha Chauhan, | Akhilesh A. Waoo, | P. S. Patheja

Journal: International Journal of Advanced Computer Research
ISSN 2249-7277

Volume: 3;
Issue: 9;
Start page: 41;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: RGB Color Intensity | PSNR | Image steganography | Image encryption | Linear Classifier | Message Encryption.

For more security to the information and toenhance thehiding capacity of an image. A newstrategy in image steganography here we proposethe region-adaptive watermarking algorithm whichwill be used for the novel application to detectwatermark attacks. The major advantages of theproposed watermarking detection technique arePSNR and RGB Intensity value. For tamperdetection using linear classifier by providing thesediscriminating features. The watermark isembedded on different regions of the host imageusing a combination of discrete wavelet transformandsingular value decomposition technique.Certain types of attack have occurred and there is anovel use the region-adaptive watermarkingtechnique as a means to detect. At the same time,translation, scaling and rotation belongs togeometric attacks are also applied. The severity ofthese attacks can be adjusted by modifying theircorresponding parameter values. Our experimentalresults will detect the hiding data on the originalimage and also little relation to secret message file.For more security to the information.It providingmore helps.
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