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Augmented Reality for Realistic Simulation Using Improved Snake and Picking Algorithm by Proportional Relational Expression

Author(s): JeongHee CHA | GyeYoung KIM | HyungIl CHOI

Journal: International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences
ISSN 1913-3715

Volume: 02;
Issue: 07;
Start page: 687;
Date: 2009;
Original page

Keywords: Snake | Picking | DEM | Occlusion | AR | Simulation

In realistic simulation of mobile Augmented Reality, essential point is how to best depict occluded area in such a way that the user can correctly infer the depth relationships between real and virtual objects. However, if the constructed 3D map of real world is not accurate or the density is not sufficient to estimate the object boundary, it is very difficult to determine the occluded area. In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a new method for calculating the occlusion area using the improved snake algorithm and picking algo-rithm by the proportional relational expression. First, we generated the wireframe by the DEM in the experimental region and mapped to CCD real image using visual clues. And then, we calculated the 3D information at the point where occlusion problem for a moving virtual target by the proposed method. Experimental results show the validity of the proposed approach under the environment in which partial occlusions occur.
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