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Axis-symmetric thermoelastic deformation of a cylinder with account for the two-dimensional heterogeneity of the material exposed to heat and radiation loads ОСЕСИММЕТРИЧНАЯ ТЕРМОУПРУГАЯ ДЕФОРМАЦИЯ ЦИЛИНДРА С УЧЕТОМ ДВУХМЕРНОЙ НЕОДНОРОДНОСТИ МАТЕРИАЛА ПРИ ВОЗДЕЙСТВИИ ТЕПЛОВОГО И РАДИАЦИОННОГО НАГРУЖЕНИЙ

Author(s): Litvinov Stepan Victorovich | Kozelskiy Yuriy Fedorovich | Yazyev Batyr Meretovich

Journal: Vestnik MGSU
ISSN 1997-0935

Issue: 11;
Start page: 82;
Date: 2012;
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Keywords: thermal load | radiation load | analysis of protection in the emergency mode | heterogeneous elasticity problem | тепловое нагружение | радиационное нагружение | расчет защиты при аварийном режиме

The objective of the research is to analyze the stresses experienced by radiation and heat screens similar to those installed at nuclear power plants. This type of design, also known as "the dry protection" is designated to reduce the effects of radiation and heat emitted by the reactor. The authors have considered the axis-symmetric problem resolved through the employment of the variational difference method. The solution to the problem is composed of several steps. The first step represents the distribution of the temperature field over the thickness of the screen. The second step represents the distribution of the neutron flux in the thick screen. The third stage represents the change in the Young's modulus due to thermal and radiation effects. The fourth stage is the immediate determination of stresses in the thick screen. The authors have proven that the combined effect of radiation and thermal stresses produced on the Young's modulus causes substantial voltage change in the thickness of the cylinder, whereas the solution that assumes a constant value of the Young's modulus is less accurate. The aforementioned phenomenon suggests that no changes in physical and mechanical properties of materials can be neglected, whenever structures exposed to several supplementary (temperature, radiation exposure, etc.) loads are analyzed.Приведена задача расчета напряжений в радиационно-тепловом экране АЭС. Данная конструкция, называемая также «сухой защитой», предназначена для снижения радиационных и тепловых воздействий, генерирующихся при работе реактора. Показано значительное перераспределение напряжений в результате изменения модуля упругости за счет вышеуказанных воздействий.
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