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Bacteriological Study of Liver Abscesses in Sheep in Ahvaz (Iran)

Author(s): A. Ghadrdan-Mashhadi | M. Gorban-Poor | M. Soleimani

Journal: Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences
ISSN 1028-8880

Volume: 9;
Issue: 11;
Start page: 2162;
Date: 2006;
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Keywords: Sheep | liver | abscess | abattoir

This study was carried out to find the occurrence of liver abscesses and bacterial agents caused them in sheep slaughtered in Ahvaz abattoir in 2005. The animals (n: 576) were selected from two sexes and divided to two age groups (group A: less than 1.5 years and group B: more than 1.5 years). If the abscesses were present, the location and sizes would be recorded and then sampling for bacterial culture was done. Results showed that 50 sheep (8.7%) had liver abscesses. According to presence of abscesses, there was significant difference between two sexes (p

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