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Bibliographic checklist of the marine benthic algae of Central Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean (Excluding Hawai‘i and French Polynesia)

Author(s): Tsuda, R.T. | Walsh, S.K.

Journal: Micronesica
ISSN 0026-279X

Volume: 2013;
Issue: 2;
Start page: 1;
Date: 2013;
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Keywords: benthic marine algae | bibliography

The Polynesian algal bibliographic checklist is based on records from past references for American Samoa and Samoa (380 spp.), Cook Islands (111 spp.), Johnston Atoll (190 spp.), Line Islands (250 spp.), Niue (3 spp.), Phoenix Islands (193 spp.), Pitcairn Islands (23 spp.), Tokelau (1 sp.), Tonga (109 spp.), Wake Atoll (121 spp.) and Wallis and Futuna (191 spp.) and consists of three sections. The first section (I. Classification) provides a listing of classes, orders, and families of the 238 genera of Polynesian algae. The second section (II. Species-Reference Index) provides an alphabetized listing of the 667 named algal species under the four Phyla, i.e., Cyanobacteria (68 species), Rhodophyta (373 species), Ochrophyta (59 species) and Chlorophyta (167 species) with the applicable reference citations for each island or atoll. Brief taxonomic or nomenclatural notes are provided, when appropriate, for selected species. The third section (III. Island-Reference Index) provides a chronological listing of all published references for the respective island or atoll in each island group. The complete references for all citations in the text are provided in the Reference section.
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