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Bio-Molecular assay of cyanobacteria on response to diazinon an Organophosphorus insecticide.

Author(s): Ghadai A.K. | Kumar S. | Acharya D.K.

Journal: International Journal of Chemical Research
ISSN 0975-3699

Volume: 2;
Issue: 1;
Start page: 20;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: Diazinon | Cyanobacteria | Macromolecular content

A comparative bio-molecular assay was made on the two cyanobacterial isolates i.e.Anabaena cylindrica and Oscillatoria tenue to study the effect of different concentration of Diazinon, anorganophosphorus insecticide. We have carried out these experiments to investigate the response ofdifferent concentration of Diazinon. Finally Maximum Allowable Concentration (MAC) of Diazinon onCyanobacterial isolates was observed. Heterocystous forms of cyanobacteria are more sensitive topesticide than that the non-heterocystus forms of cyanobacteria. Cyanobacterial isolates were treatedwith different concentrations of Diazinon i.e., 1ppm, 3ppm, 5ppm, 7ppm & 10ppm. The growth,macromolecular content of carbohydrate, protein, amino acid and nitrogen was observed. Theexperiments were carried out for 28 days, and it was observed that the higher concentration i.e., 9ppmand 10ppm of Diazinon are adversely affecting the growth & the macromolecular contents ofcyanobacterial isolates. It is also found that at late exponential phase (even in untreated conditions) theexperimental macromolecular content was high in the isolates.
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