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Biotope mapping of the Kumodraž stream watershed

Author(s): Tutundžić Andreja | Cvejić Jasminka | Obratov-Petković Dragica | Bjedov Ivana | Teofilović Anica

Journal: Glasnik Šumarskog Fakulteta
ISSN 0353-4537

Volume: 2010;
Issue: 101;
Start page: 163;
Date: 2010;
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Keywords: biotope mapping | Kumodraž stream watershead | system of green and open areas

Increasing negative changes in the biosphere, many of them irreversible, impose the need for the recording of the state of abiotic and biotic environmental factors in order that, with adequate measures, left over significant areas protect, degradation process slows down and lost area compensation accordance with possibilities. Therefore, for ecological planning in many developed countries, method of mapping and assessment of biotopes was introduced, firstly in rural areas and later in urban zones as well. Due to characteristic position in the transition direction from the city frindge to towards its core, area of the Kumodraž watershed area offered good basis for the application and examination of urban biotope mapping procedures. Different ways of land use, preservation of the relatively large area of open urban areas between two types of build structures and part of the free course of the Kumodraž stream offer good base for the assumption that habitats worth being preserved can be expected. The paper present results of the investigations carried out in 2006, which were compared with previous investigations as well as with the state in 2009. Prominent heterogeneity of and use, spreading of illegal settlements, but also existence of structures, which can be significant for encasement of the system of green and open spaces indicate on inadequate development of this area and also need for further investigations, which would lead to adequately planning solutions. By the mapping of the whole stream waters head and collection of attributes which characterize biotopes in details information bases for the further work on the assessment of the town biotope was obtained, as well as for argumentation for the directing the development towards protection of the remaining green areas of the city fringe.
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